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Hans Bernhard Workshop

Workshop with Hans Bernhard (AT/CH/USA)



Monday 6 November, 13-15, Ada 018

IT-byen, Katrinebjerg, Aabogade 34

See map here: http://alex.daimi.au.dk:8080/ereception/browser.jsp?s=ada%20018

Hans Bernhard is a founding member of the etoy.corporation and UBERMORGEN.COM. His activist net-art and installations such as "the digital hijack by etoy", "[V]ote-auction.net", "Google Will Eat Itself", and "PsychOS" has received numerous awards, and he has through various collaborations proven himself to be one of the most important contemporary digital artists.

Known Aliases: hans_extrem, etoy.HANS, etoy.BRAINHARD, David Arson, Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer, h_e, net_CALLBOY, Luzius A. Bernhard, Andy Bichlbaum, Bart Kessner.

Hans Bernhard will lecture at the Digital Festival, 5/11 ( http://www.digitalfestival.dk ). This workshop will be a less formal discussion around his activities and work. Please prepare by looking at www.ubermorgen.com.

Registration necessary: pold@multimedia.au.dk – max. 15 participants.

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