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Eduardo Kac Workshop

Eduardo Kac workshop

Kac' work sparks discussions on the relations between semiotics, art, technology and life, which will be the subject of the open seminar described above. In addition to the public seminar interested researchers, Ph.D. students and art professionals will have the possibility to participate in a more intimate closed workshop 7 October with a limited number of participants. To participate a short (1-2 pages) position paper in English is required, where you present yourself, your research and how it relates to (elements of) Kac' work � see Send paper to with the subject "Kac workshop" in MS Word format. Deadline: 3 October. Only a limited number of participants will be admitted, notification of acceptance necessary to enter.

The workshop will take place 7 October from 10-14 at Ada 018 in the IT-Park, Aabogade 34, Aarhus N, Map of the IT-Park here.

Programme for the seminar

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